Monday, August 4, 2008

Adventure Race for Beginners

People keep asking me about "why we must do Adventure Race?"..the simply I always tell them "Depends on yourself..maybe just makan angin, side income or to challenge your ability also your pocket!". There are a lot of AR in Malaysia..just select the AR that you can afford their challenge..

Besides race selection, goal setting is one of the most important topics you will need to decide about. Whether you choose to THRIVE or SURVIVE, your choice will affect how you will set up your training program in terms of volume and duration. It will also probably affect your current lifestyle. You will need to evaluate your current lifestyle and determine what changes, if any, you are willing to change.

Goal setting can be broken down into two parts; the first part is dreaming the goal, and the second part is planning the steps to get to the goal.

In dreaming the goal you have probably witnessed, in one way or another, an adventure race that has intrigued you. You have probably heard about the high numbers of participants that don't finish. This is a part of the challenge, and a big factor that might keep you from doing an adventure race is fear, or fear of failure. Your first goal should be to overcome your fear, and give yourself the opportunity to find out what you can do. You will not finish 100% of the events that you don't start. Once you believe you can do it, the journey will begin.

In planning the steps to get to your goal, start small and build up from there. The training plan is a series of steps that build on each other, leading up to the event. Everyone will need to design their own training plan. A plan has to take into consideration the starting fitness level of a person, their time available, and their ultimate goals

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