Friday, August 13, 2010

My 27th

me in Aug 2010

Last year I was entering 26th with a strong fever and suspected H1N1. That week really worried me and I was alone at home, all the survival skills at home must self doing.

This year, I turning 27th and an extra moments either it were memorable or disappointment written inside my journal, or sometime I let the peoples read my unpublished article through my mimic and gestures.

My missions within 365 days till my 28th are to completing my ongoing master degree and showing the best in my carrier. A little bit frustrating when I cannot optimize my financial capabilities to achieve another dream that must get true. InsyaAllah near the future, with an extra dedication and outstanding effort, I can realize it.

May Ramadhan ‘barakah’ will give me a tonic and boosting my life energy to walk gently and graciously toward my missions.

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