Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Duathlon Intensive Training Camp

Next two weeks, I will attend Duathlon Intensive Training Camp. It will be part of my preparation for Malakoff University Duathlon Series 2009 in this coming July and August. Plus my body my resist a brutal training plan but still achievable for my physical attribute.

In this training camp, each individual will stressed about brick training, pacing and training at aerobic threshold capacity. Another sport science aspect involved such as biomechanical of riding (position on bike), optimum running technique, importance of recovery (MUDS will be held on three consecutive weeks), and nutrition for training, recovery and pre race.

MUDS will be a very fast race for me to adapt. While myself was good in endurance and ultra endurance. I need to 'recruit' more my white fiber twitch muscle to resist faster and high intensity workout. The race around maximum 4km of run, maximum of 14km bike and can finish below 60 minutes. No more gels during race, only water at the right amount can save your stomach.

For myself, I was looking forward to going through this training camp. My body fell good after Multi Sport Training Camp on May. So I will write again to update my training camp!

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