Thursday, June 4, 2009

JB City Eco Challenge 2009 - The First Ever Eco Challenge in the City!

Last 31 May 2009, I and my partner took part in JB City Eco Challenge. This race offered RM20,000 of prize money to brought back for athletes. There were four categories : Elite Men, Elite Mixed, Novice Men and Novice Mixed. In elite category, racers need to mountain biking, kayaking, running and passing an obstacle course to the fininsh run. While novice category just only running and did obstacle course.



As I and my partner competed in Elite Men category, it was tough for us especially my partner who was raced without any specific training. And I reached my in zone fitness level after attended Multisport Training Camp for 2 weeks, I have not faced any major problem. Malaysian elite triathlete such as Razani Husain, Shahrom Abdullah, Wong Ah Tiam, Stephanie Chok also competed in this first ever event.


Thanks to Johor Bahru City Council (MBJB), Creative Emotion and others sponsors to make this event happened. Hopefully next year we can race more longer in this eco challenge!

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  1. Hey, Bro... Don't forget that your big brother Moose from MKA Development Team was the other half of Team The Bike Boutique that finished a strong 4th place in that race. I'm sure as hell that's reason enough for you to feel proud and beam from ear to ear, Bro!