Tuesday, September 8, 2009

31 August "Merdeka', 1Malaysia and Sports Culture

Each year, Malaysian will celebrate 31 August as their National Day, gained independence from British in 1957. Malaysian will celebrate it with countdown and marching on 31st August morning. The celebration begin from early August until early September. Every year Malaysian will do this.

1Malaysia is the new motto or to be persist propaganda launched by Malaysian Prime Minister. The main concept of 1Malaysia is to strengthen the unity of three races in Malaysia: Malay, Chinese and Indian. Besides, 1Malaysia is the fresher and universal propaganda towards Malaysia 2020 Vision. Most of Malaysian hoping to see all races, cultures and languages here declare themselves as new race known as Malaysian.

In sports culture in Malaysia, 1Malaysia concept can see in our sports such as Triathlon, Duathlon, Cycling and Running. But excluded from the list above, it is still hard to see 1Malaysia in most of sports played by Malaysian. Each sport synonym played by certain races. For instance, majority of Malays played football and sepak takraw; most of Chinese played basketball, badminton, swimming; small number of Indian played hockey, cricket but more in long distance running.

This scenario shows us and world that 1Malaysia still not affected sports culture in Malaysia. It is difficult to blend our football national squad with this 3 major races-great formula during Golden Age of Malaysian football, to see Malays play for badminton national team, to see Indians do 'lipat gulung' in sepak takraw. So, what happen to our sports culture? What was going wrong? Who is wrong?

It is not a relevant answer when the question rises for Malay boy, "Why you don't play basketball?""Most of them Chinese, I'm reluctant to join them," or question for Indian boy, "Why you don't play sepak takraw?""I can speak Malay very well, fell ashamed when they laugh at me because of my Malay vocabulary,".

After 52 years independent, we still see this scenario happen? Until when? Who will neutralize this? Who will be the aspiration? As Malaysian, I thought we are still not living under the same national concept.

Follow the power of social in our sports; Triathlon, Duathlon, Cycling and Running. These sports unite us from different races, culture, languages and socio-economy status, together to be in one race for 1Malaysia.

"Sports for All! Sports Unite All!"

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