Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Road to Powerman 2009: The 8th Powerman Malaysia on 8th November

Year 2009 is the 8th year Powerman being organized in Malaysia. Powerman Malaysia is the one of the World Powerman Series. Many professionals came to compete here for their points. I'm once got a point for World Powerman Series ranking back in 2005.

Me and Mel the Race Director for Powerman 2009

I'm really proud and amazed with the organizer Quick Release Adventure Sdn Bhd (free advertise credited by me) who are so passionate about this kind of high performance sport. Unlike triathlon races, this Powerman races need very powerful athlete to be a winner. It is because not only endurance and strength, but the speed and race tactical were a main factor contributing to be first crossing the finish line.

Since 2003, I raced in Powerman duathlon. I'm feeling so good to be in this sport community. I'm become more discipline, more sensitive to my body. This must free injuries sport so demanding me to be perfectionist in daily routines. What, when, where, why, how much to eat, to training, which race to enter before Powerman, all this thing must clearly can be answered before I can did.

Kakithoners, the team with passion and a lot of talent

After nearly 6 years involved in this sport, I found myself are able to be good amateur athlete, to be good worker/student, to be humble in friendship and of course teach me be a man (a tiny khalifah in this world).

run to the finish line

So 6 weeks from now, I need to prepare myself to compete and crossing the finish line in Powerman for 7th consecutive years. Hope to see you soon in Seri Manjung!

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