Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Road to Powerman 2008: Pro's Season..

Below are exactly a full race schedule for one season belong to Joerie Vansteelant, currently 2nd in Powerman World Ranking 2008, so take a look!

05/01-23/01: Training camp Lanzarote (ESP)
19/01: Duathlon “Club La Santa” (ESP): 5-20-2,5
02/02 - 22/02: Training camp Potchefstroom (RSA)
09/03: Benelux championships winterduathlon Geel-Bel: 4-20-2
22/03 - 04/04: Training camp Saint-Raphaël (FRA)
06/04: Grand Prix Château-Renault (FRA): 5-30-5
20/04: Powerman Horst (NED): 15-60-7,5
27/04: Duathlon Non-Drafting Ruddervoorde: 5-20-2,5
04/05: Grand Prix Châteauroux (FRA) 10-40-5
05/05 - 23/05: Training camp Font-Romeu (FRA)
25/05: ETU European championships SD Serres (GRE): 10-40-5
01/06: ITU World Series “memorial Benny Vansteelant” Torhout: 10-30-5-30-5
14/06: Grand Prix Sables d’Olonnes: 5-30-5
05/07: Belgian championships SD Kortrijk: 10-40-5
08/07 - 13/07: Training camp Font-Romeu (FRA)
20/07: Duathlon Val d’Aran (FRA): 9-85-16
10/08: ITU World championships LD Geel: 20-80-10
24/08: Powerman Weyer (AUT): 14-76-7
30/08: Duathlon Non-Drafting Viersel: 5-30-5
31/08 - 24/09: Training camp Font-Romeu (FRA)
14/09: Grand Prix Nancy (FRA): 5-30-5
28/09: ITU World championships SD Rimini (ITA): 10-40-5
12/10: “Coupe de France des Clubs” Gruissan: 5-30-5
09/11: Powerman Seri Manjung (MAL): 10-60-10

We can see, in one month, pro will race two to three races. Attend at least 6 training camp which is will take two weeks. Then Joerie only focusing his race to duathlon..this is very important to the athlete himself, training programme and schedule, to do training and performance asessment and to set a goal to achieve for upcoming season..

In Malaysia, actually we as multi-sports fanatic also can do. We choose a race mostly triathlon, road running, but less duathlon races here..then we set structural and systematic training programme, race, and revise our performance every 3 months..the we can feel like a professional athlete..

But in the other hand, please avoid racing in robust races such mountain climbing, trail running, adventure races, or play contact sports such as futsal, basketball etc..this kind of sports only can contribute to injury because you are not fit to do that sports..plus need some extra training to increase an abilities in that sports..wasting!

Hopefuly in the future, Malaysia will see more a professional athlete in this sport, and can contribute to our society about the importance of healthier lifestyle.

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