Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Road To Powerman 2008: The Day Before


Clock is thicking, time is running..less than 24 hours Powerman Malaysia 2008 will begin..

After took a breakfast at hotel cafe, three of us once again did charity ride..start at 11am we rode from Teluk Batik-Teluk Muroh-Lumut Town-Seri Manjung and I showed for Faraeid the route for running leg..the we took our time for having sugar cane juices at the stall beside the and sunny day seem like nothing to us..

After dressed like tourist, we manage to take a look at Lumut Town for our lunch..the straight headed to Kompleks Sukan Seri Manjung where the race kit collection and race breafing held..quite large number of participants took a challenge for this year race..also I saw numerous of new faces..but I missed so much with familiar faces in this event..I also suprised with a few of booths that sold race gear, attires, sports nutrition and etc..Faraied bought his first race suit..I bought some official race merchandices, racebelt, and Fuel Belt..race briefing this year was a coldest Powerman race briefing ever since I joined in 2003..

At night having a dinner at Teluk Muroh..once again disscussion and heart to heart talk by three of us, especially for encourage and boost Faraied's spirit to be Finisher tomorrow..

Before sleep, we did all the necessary task such as sticked race number to helmet, bike, set-up our attire and equipment for next day..the DAY will come..

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