Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Road to Powerman 2008: Training During Student Life

During the period when I was completing my undergraduate study, I did my training 2 times session in the morning and evening..morning session usually long run up to 10km and switch to easy run on the next day..but on Sunday rode with the members from Persatuan Lumba Basikal the evening I do either cycling, running, brick, fartlek, strength training, or duathlon.

I always remember I ran when others U students waited for buses at bus stop to went their lecture..all the faces were so weird when looked at me (and sometimes my partner)..but I was happy to have morning training session..I was fresh enough to went for lectures..

In the evening, 5pm I already on my bike or ran on the road around the campus..normally finished my training at 6:45pm and after that I lepak with my friends who were actually did the same routine as me..we gave our name as Gang Bus Stop Tasik UTM..the faces included me, Boss, Shaney, Faraied, Helmi (exATMA), Arman (exATMA), Syarul, Ijad (exATMA) also Jiha..then we had discussion related to our sports..but sometimes my training also can be finished as late as 7:30pm..

I have my dinner sharp at 8pm, with my buddy named Boss..and have a chat..then back to my room did my assignment, or attend a project meeting, or just playing video games..I complete my daily routine at 11pm, then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

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