Monday, July 30, 2012

Recovered from Early Ramadhan Illness

A sore throat and high fever prevent me from doing a work at office for three days. The day before I rest at home, I need to attend a meeting in the morning and during the evening, I couldn't stand with the symptom arose.

I just rest at home besides doing an 'urgent assignment' from home.

Two days, a boring came through to my emotional. Thus, took a two consecutive night outings and drinks with friend and my gf. Finally, I drank a virgin coconut water and I got a fantastic results after while. My body temperature decreased and I can enjoyed my weekend with my gf on Saturday and Jelajah Amal Ramadhan for the whole Sunday.

As a bottom line, high fever, sore throat and nose problem I could say it were related with high ambient temperature & humidity during this Ramadhan. Stay well hydrated (after iftar) and stay under the shade (during a day) could prevent you from getting dehydrated and increased core body temperature.

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