Monday, September 15, 2008

13 SEPT 2008 POST: When Nature Calls..

This Post actually I wrote on 13 Sept night.. I have no idea when I saw this post published on 17 July 2008??

After 3 days, suffered from flu, and still went to office to attended a few meetings, finally on Thursday, I cant woke up in the breathing can't operated as usual..

Then 2 days at home..having rest and just watched that damn box..luckily have national geography, discovery channel, asian food channel, vuelta de least my knowledge will increased..

Yesterday, after berbuka, I decided to went to clinic..for MC, then attanded Mahkota Bikers meeting after that..what the *#$+?

Finally, my experiment did to myself end any chemicals medication I took since I was attacked by flu until I will do duathlon training tonight!!

I still survive!! Alhamdulillah..

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