Monday, September 8, 2008

Cramp: No More

Did you ever feel like 'geli2', 'jari bercantum' or 'kaki tak boleh bengkok'? In the beginning of my running pleasure, I always feel that kind of situation..unfortunately its happened when you are at good position to have prize money!

Hate it when you get cramps while running? You aren't the only one. Me too! Running cramps affect everyone, including runners that are in shape. Below are the tips will help us avoid running cramps.

Cramps are related to many things, including what you eat and how you breathe. But the most important thing to do is stretch before and after every run. So make sure you incorporate a good stretch routine if you want to avoid cramps while running.

Your diet can also help you avoid running cramps. Make sure you hydrate before any run. During your run, stay hydrated by drinking at regular intervals. Always make sure to drink before you get thirsty. If you feel thirsty, it's already too late. And make sure to drink water or sports drinks. Soda isn't a good substitute. Bananas are a good source of potassium, which help to prevent running cramps.

When you run, make sure you are bringing enough oxygen into your system. The best way to do this is to take full breaths. That means completely exhaling to allow for a new, full breath.
Try to run within your ability. If you want to run longer distances, follow a training program that will allow your muscles to build up to handle those distances without excessive fatigue.

Cramps usually go away on their own, but if your cramp won't go away, try these techniques:

  • Stop running or slow down your running pace (rileks k)
  • Massage the muscle that is cramping (if you know the human anatomy is better)
  • Stretch the muscle and hold the strech until the cramp goes away (normal people said so)
  • Apply heat to the muscle that cramped (use cream suck as counter pain, salonpas, etc)
  • The most common causes of running cramps include lack of stretching and muscle fatigue. (we push to high our effort, so that our muscle tak bleh tahan)
  • High temparatures, dehydration and loss of salts and electrolytes also contribute to running cramps. (your blood become hypertonic)
  • Your age also impacts your risk of cramps. (who are most prone to have cramp? below 40years old buddy or above 40 years old Otai?)

Finally, if all of above you can do it, I bet no body will cramp no try it on..

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