Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bike Ride Under Sunshine During Ramadhan

Wow! So hot, maybe feel thirsty, tired, etc..

But luckily, riding big bike, not your road bike..

This Saturday, my big bike club Mahkota Bikers will had Kembara Amal Nur Ramadhan..this programme focusing to give some help for 'fakir miskin' and OKU (disabilities peoples) with some 'sumbangan ikhlas' for their preparation for Aidilfitri next week..more info log on

So,what the effect for us who are riding the motorbike? Of course the main factors to consider is, skin exposure to sunlight, and our hydration system..

This programme will consist 4 district in Johor..from Johor Bahru-Kota Tinggi-Kluang and Batu Pahat..around 250 km of travel by motorbike, 4WD, cars, and others support vehicle..

1st ride and wear long sleeve jacket..don't expose your skin directly to the's will cause sunburn, bla-bla..long sleeve t-shirt wore alone without outer shelter, not recommeded by me..because the most important thing is your safety..

2nd, hydrate or die (Camelbak motto), when ride a bike, motorist will loss 250-500ml of fluid perhour during prolong muslim we can't drink and eat during fasting time..but how to prevent fluid loss from your body? Rider must wear breathable jacket (our club GIVI jacket is a good example)..this kind of jacket also provide good ventilation system that will cool your skin temperature..and to prevent wind factor and sunlight to suck the moisture from your skin..

Got an idea? Yes thats was a very simple idea, that normal people didn't know..

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