Thursday, September 18, 2008

Current Fitness Level: Moderate

Ramadhan already entered day 18th..and after 18 days, I only complete below 10 hours of training..crazy!! Last week, the whole week I felt not good, the nature has called..need to rest a lot, besides my workload has been increased during Ramadhan..

Try to manage this two weeks before Syawal Long Holiday, and all the dateline, within next week..a lot of meeting have to attend, a few paperwork must be submit, and also 5 practical teachers I need to observe..

So that, last week I lost my immune system and it was turned down..with heavy flu and fever in 3 days, I still can stand and went to office..but on the 4th day, it was time to rest for 4 days..huh

Now I feel more healthier, strong and my morale increased day by the mean time my work pressure also getting higher day by day..

But Ramadhan always teach the Muslim to be so patient, and wisely manage their pressure, 'cubaan' and load! (workload and expenses load!)..

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