Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Perhentian Island Challenge

Today, my faculty has decided to approved I and my partner to participate in this coming event-Perhentian Island Challenge..we will participate in Mix Elite Category..and suprisingly my partner is one of the toughest female lecturer..and her age was same as my mother age..I guess so??

So, the plan was just to enter this race, and have some fun..I will there no more than as tourist..haha..but at the same time can swim, trail run (jog??), completing obstacle course, etc..

But at the same time, my will open my eyes, and ears to see and hear the race itself..then we can do some studies, and come out with simple research by the end of the day..

The event will be held at Perhentian Island, Terengganu on 17-19th October 2008..
Entrance fee already settled, and now my task to settle all the documentation and legal side for our team before participating in this event..

Hope things will run smoothly..

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