Monday, September 15, 2008

Post "Minggu Tak Sihat" Stories

After 4 days rest at home, today I already work in office..a lot to do but can manage that I can wrote this blog..

Last Saturday duathlon training for me, my body really hit the wall that night..I walked about 50 meters during last 3 km run..but after that I can striding and sprint toward to the finishing..

then "twinkle..twinkle..many many many stars!", still manage not to vomit..but nothing to vomitted out because I only ate maggi when berbuka calories supplied my body..

then we have drinks, and I talking a lot to Lim, Ong and Yao Han about training, cycling and racing..1 am headed back to home..

before back to home, have McDonald first..McValue meal double cheese burger, fries and cola..then feel fresh, sleep at 3am..

sahur ate only kurma (dates) and milk..

Sunday out date with Jiha, our plan were berbuka chicken chop and abc..we hung together until night..we talking a lot..especially Jiha excited to told me their new workplace environment..I was happy, she more happier..

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