Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MUDS 2009 Path: UNITEN 2nd Leg Post Race

The first ever duathlon in Private Higher Learning Institute, UNITEN!

UTM making their peak performance last Saturday when Muhammad Nazri (Ayie) came as a champion for the 2nd leg of MUDS 2009. Last year MUDS defending champion Ong Wei Xiang sat on 4th place in Men’s University Category. Meanwhile Nurul Hidayah Nasir claimed 3rd spot in Women’s University Category. Unpressured Kakithon athlete, Nazihah Abdul Ghani won 2 consecutive times in Women’s Open Category. Kakithon also send a newbie to compete both in Mens University and Men’s Relay Category. Congratulations to you all, and welcome to the club for the newbie.

wall of warriors

While I was did what I have did in my training, I still can grab a top five spot in Men’s University Category. But in the other hand, if I was competing in Men’s Open, sure I will receive a medal!

My housemate and long time sparring partner also did his first duathlon in this year. He was so busy outstation job, 5 day per week. But last week he managed to join me training in UPM in the evening and we together completed duathlon training on Thursday. His target was easy: to finish the race in front of Women University Champion, Stephanie Chok.

UNITEN race, I was surprised when Shebby, a football commentator has come to be a MC of the day. Then after the race site being cleared by "The Boss", Led Yee (Quick Release Adventure), and his team, I spent my time to have a conversation with Shebby. We talk about duathlon training, nature of this sport and some issue regarding the level of knowledge (sports specific) of Malaysian's present commentator.

Later, when the sun straight on my head, I was cycled back to my place nearly 12km from the race venue..

Thanks UNITEN, see you in Finale of MUDS 2009 in Universiti Malaya!

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