Monday, July 20, 2009

Budget Race Accommodation

When my athletes in UTM faces the difficulties when universities’ sports authority couldn't find adequate accommodation for race day, I started I get 'panas', my heart rate increased dramatically, and my brain starting to find a solution..Normally OUT OF BOX solution..(in Malaysian culture).

Many racers found a process to get an accommodation for the race day was a hard process. Furthermore, when the race is organize at small town, in remote area etc. Lack of planning skill is the main factor that does contribute to this issue. Most of race in Malaysia organize at tourist spot such as Port Dickson, Manjung, Desaru, Kenyir Lake, Kuantan etc. Main constrain is the racer or competitor with low budget. They can't afford a cost for accommodation that race organizer recognize as main hotel sponsor with discount prize for race competitor. It's still RM200++ per night.

As a racers who will competing the next day after long way travel from their home (another factor racers travel the day before race day is BUDGET!), need adequate place to rest, sleep and maybe have a good time with their friends..

For student competitors, in various high cost races in Malaysia such as triathlon, duathlon, mountaineering, road races (marathon, etc) they don't have a lot of budget from their own pocket. Universities also don't have a budget for this kind of sport. Universities prefer to splash their yearly budget for the sake of football, netball, rugby and other team sports and a week’s training camp for those athletes who're competing in MASUM.

My idea is why didn't we as racers, bring along our camping equipment, and set a proper campsite area within the race site! It is interesting when we see many of racers will do that perhaps nearly in future. Then the racers (perhaps organizer starting to thinkabout it) themselves create an extraordinary, interesting, and happening atmosphere. Later the racers can start finding a new friends, new bf, new gf, sharing their stories, sharing the meals, or maybe sharing their space!

If possible jemput Nabil utk buat lawak pada malam sebelum race, bagi menghilangkan tekanan race day.

Could you imagine this will be happen?

Tepuk dada tanya selera. Jangan tanya Nabil, nanti dia jawab "Lu pikir la sendiri!"

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