Friday, July 17, 2009

MUDS 2009 Path: Reaching the Closer Part

Since now I will started to update my preparation towards MUDS 2009. Sharing the sports science knowledge, declaring what I did, and peeling some issues..

This year event actually doesn't widely highlighted in main stream mass media (hopefully until now). Unpredictably, the guys a.k.a Mahasiswa and Mahasiswi studying at the races venue mostly didn't knew, know or will knowing what will happen at their universities on 19th, 25th July and 1st August.

Secondly, most of the newbie on 19th July the first series in UPM didn't got the ideas how the race will be going on race day.

Thirdly, most of the IPTA or IPTS sports unit/department/centre didn't knew about this event actually offering University categories both for men and women. Additionally they simply said "..this event is not in our yearly calendar", "..this event is not a high performance sports" event worst "..the organizer creates this event for their benefits and business".

Lastly, this event wants our money, but no prize money after got first place(s)..

Hello Malaysian Students in all Higher Learning Institute in Malaysia!

Please come out from your 'kepompong', sniff a breezy summer out of your 'tempurung kelapa', see the light and sunshine above your head during this season (semester for 'mahasiswa'). Lets try something new, the event that universities can't simply organize, the race that you can compete shoulder to shoulder perhaps head to head with the elite guys, with the strong veteren duathlete, maybe just run with your 'pakwe' or 'makwe' together-gether..

No other organizer provide a FREE CLINICs for their participants in speakers will tell what is duathlon, how to training, what to do before and during race, what to eat prior, during and post races, etc.. Furthermore most of the speakers will compete with 'mahasiswa' on the next day..

Every minutes seems like taken too long, every strides like floating on air, every pedal stroke like maneuver a F16 fighter jet. MUDS this year will be a very fast race, high intensity, your heart will pumping more amount of blood than your hostel pump the water in one hour, consume much more calories, and finally only FIVE participants will receive their medal.

For more details for what will be happen,
Find out at
maybe you can email me if you want ask a question that the speakers doesn't told or miss during the clinic at,

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