Thursday, July 9, 2009

July is Coming!

Now we are entering a July..half of the year may passed..another half waiting us to fulfill..

As myself, Jan-Jun 2009, feel like a freight semester completed, two months of semester holiday, two training camps attended, two major races (KL Towerthon and JB City Eco Challenge), two motorbike convoys (escorting a convoy on March and May)..

My first half of 2009 seems like nothing extraordinary when looking at sports one week I only can did maximum 6 hours of quality training hours..can't dream to be in great shape through this season..

Malakoff University Duathlon Series is around the corner. On 19th July, first leg of MUDS will be held in my university, UPM, Serdang..I will use my advantage as UPM's student to compete in University Category for this year watch out buddies! Heh..I lost so many time to feel adrenaline burst from my hypothalamus: because for last 24 months I only race to be finisher, or pacer for my girlfriend who was a serious competitor in her category. This year MUDS will see my wake up call, such as saber-toothed tiger wake from its long long sleep..

Two weeks, pejam celik will come a D Day..struggle for maximize my quality training hours, stay healthy, free from injuries, and see what will happened on 19th July..

p/s: Kakithon will make their appearance more furious and more attracted from last year MUDS, because Ong as defending champion, Lim come as silent killer, Kecik as Kecil-kecil Cili Api, and their Tuan Penasihat as..

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