Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MUDS 2009 Path: It is Not about Winning

After racing in two MUDS legs, I saw many new athletes came to competing in this humble sport. They came from various background, profession, fitness level, high performance athlete to recreational athlete, Big Bob to Skinny Chaplin, also the foreigners..

They knew that this event actually didn't offering any single cent of prize money. A medal for top five winners from each from seven categories. But why they came to participate and competing in this race?

It was not about a winning. Top performer, Stephanie Chok, Iwata Takatoshi, Ironman Chan Jun Sen, Ironman Mr Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, Managing Director of Malakoff, Ironman Juliana Ali and others name that I didn't mention came together to compete in this event. Together with first timer, recreational athlete, seasonal athlete, runners, cyclist, university staff, and of course University students. It is about support, it is about social network, spending weekend in high adrenaline event and it is sport for lifestyle.

When a person started to involve and become finisher in this sport, he or she will not turn off any similar race like MUDS. Duathlon and triathlon, either sprint, full distance or relay, it being held far away from your home or just at your next door, you will start to feel and addicted the intensity, determination and effort to be there, to compete as an athlete.

Hopefully one day we can see new high performer that exist from this effort, this event, this humble race named as Malakoff University Duathlon Series.


  1. Good article and I like the photos. Are you going to do more reviews this year?

  2. Thanks Denis for reading my article..

    Yes, this year another Malakoff University Duathlon Series will be held..www.duathlonseries.com.my

    and of course I will write anything that catchy to post in this blog..hope you will read more of my articles