Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Road to Powerman 2011: The Unusual

This year Powerman Malaysia is the 10th edition organized by Quick Release Adventure since inaugural edition back in 2002. The celebration of 10th anniversary was 'hot' and can feel by more than 1000 participants competing in various categories this year.

I as a prominent face in this race has became 9th times Powerman Malaysia Finisher since 2003. The organizer awarded 24 peoples they considered as 'most loyal racer' and received a limited edition of 10th anniversary Powerman Malaysia Jersey.

My objective this year was to completed the race with the slowest time ever since 2003. As a bonus to myself this year I crossed finish tape together with my girlfriend an clocked 4 hours 56 minutes 14 seconds. I have waited my girlfriend 100 meters from the finish line for more than 20 minutes just to crossed the line together with her and of course that moment maybe happen once.

My New Zoot Overall Trisuit and 'the things' inside the goodies

My race number (nice ha?) and Timing Chip (ChampionChip by MyLaps)

As I was lack of training as my preparation towards the race day, but I'm quite pleased with my performance during the race and once again ice cube saves my legs and my race time! This year I raced with 'no legs' for 50% of race course as my legs fatigued as early as of my second laps of bike segment. Thanks to energy drinks sponsor Gatorade, the drinks I drank more than 5 liters during the race, the drinks & electrolytes really helps me and make me able to put another foot in front of my foot.

The prize giving ceremony were held by Perak Chief Minister Dato' Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir and also International Powerman Association President, John Raadschelders.

The winners takes the prizes and the 'lucky draw' prize 'throwing' session I like the most. I'm the guy with not depended on luck and this year the method that the organizer used to give the prizes for the winner got my hat off for them. I won a full set of 10th Anniversary Edition of Powerman Malaysia Limited Edition Trisuit! Adele Cheah as the MC gave the members of the floor this question "What is the name of International Powerman Association President?", and the "AAAAaaahhhh.." came from the audience. As a thunder, I ran to Mr President sitting at the VIPs table and asked him his full name. Then I jumped to the stage and told Adele, "His name is John..", later I received the M size of that limited edition trisuit.

Pose after suffered for nearly 5 hours and lunch buffet to replenish drained energy!

Ong & Chau, Powerman (Sprint version), I on the stage received a prize for being 'Powerman Malaysia Most Loyal Racer'

Finisher T-Shirt by Brooks & My 9th Finisher Medal and huaaaaa, my 10th Anniversary Powerman Malaysia jersey and trisuit plus a gift from Perak State Government.

Other Kakithoners Jiha, Ong and Chau also participated in this year race. Ong achieved his objective after failure last year with 3rd position in Men's Sprint Category behind the guys from UK and Thailand. So he need to compete for long distance next 2012 edition. Chau got 8th places for his first time ever competing in sprint category, he suppose to race in full distance category to get better result & satisfaction. Jiha ranked 11th for her Women's 20-29 years old Category and also her slowest finish since her competing in long distance category since 2009.

As a bottom line, Powerman Malaysia 2011 and previous 9 edition was never let me down. The organizer, the sponsors, the state government always gave the participants and 'sport tourist' a satisfaction to the limit. Perhaps, Mr President will consider to give another 10 years opportunity to our lovely race director Melody Tan and her crew to organized the most electrifying event of the year in Malaysia's Multisport Race Calendar.

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