Sunday, November 6, 2011

Road to Powerman 2011: The Only Beyond the Limit Training

Ha..yesterday I managed to have a brick workout as my preparation towards Powerman Malaysia 2011. The bike section I rode 58km at 85-90% intensity under pass 11:30am sunshine really tested my physiological & psychological abilities. The route was windy, wide road & hilly just to blended some taste for that 58km.

After the ride, I ran without any distance targeted in mind. I just ran and reach the U-turn point and striding to the finish. As a post running section, I had a quadriceps pull- the feeling that I'm missed so much- only to have that during race time. Perhaps, this coming Sunday I will not feel that muscle pull. The reason it happen was easy to know - I'm dehydrated, 500ml of plain water for entire workout under mid-day sunshine.

So, I'm ready to race this Sunday as to be a finisher of 'The Slowest Powerman Finisher' since 2003.

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