Friday, November 11, 2011

Road to Powerman 2011: The Journey Towards the D-Day

Today is 11.11.11 (11th November 2011).
Many events happen today..
Many people talk about the date, the numbers and beyond..

As myself today is another history happen in my life. Sweet but still can feel the heat & sour from the past. It is matter of your rice pot (periuk nasi in Malay) & your journey as 'normal people do their routine to live'. I really thanks to certain people that really appreciate my existence & believe in my capabilities. Thanks Allah, may these people got your bless forever. So from this date, number one equal to my first day of my come back.

long way up..

Tonight my journey to Manjung in Perak will be begin in believing to finished another episode of Powerman Malaysia. Two of us will drive all night long to reach the location in safe condition (it is two of us??). This year, I'm lack of preparation physically & logistically. Not more room left when I made a call one to other one accommodation provider nearby race site.

My physical really under supposed to be. My emotion really disturbed with the past happen to me & I lack of motivation to kick start my gung-ho training regime. But for it is better do slowly & at least have a training hours than sitting with the hand on the head do nothing. I really depended on my last Saturday brick workout & my two weeks Adventure Therapy outing in Borneo to maintain my minimum fitness level.

Me with Jason Spong (RSA) and Joerie Vansteelant (BEL) during Powerman Malaysia 2010

Last year strong finisher sub 4 hours

I'm the person who're really ambitious but considering the realistic in setting the objective. As I mention before, this year Powerman Malaysia will be my slowest Powerman race I ever finished since 2003. In adding some peppers & salt to my raceday this Sunday, I have received the email from the organizer that I was chosen to be on the stage during price giving ceremony. Even I maybe finishing with 4 hours 50 minutes and above.

See you when I see you!

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