Thursday, November 3, 2011

Road to Powerman 2011: Attempting for "The Slowest Powerman Finisher"

Today is 10 days left for Powerman Malaysia 2011, in Manjung on 13 Nov 2011.

After two weeks my outing to Borneo in searching my inner-self via adventure therapy, I was not attempted to have a long distance running and cycling during that grueling period. But I felt I'm very fit to walk for 12 hours non-stop and consume 3-4 spoon of rice every day (less than 200 calories perday).

Powerman Malaysia 2011 will be my 9th Powerman Finisher attempt since 2003 when I was 20. This year I put my self as the slowest & non-fit athlete to be a finisher again. So I need to forget my objective last year when I achieved to cut near 15 minutes each for two consecutive years. After observing my current fitness level, it is enough to say this year will be my slowest finisher since 2003.

Poweman Malaysia Finisher Since 2003

My secondary objective is to cross finish line without any injuries such as cramp and dehydration. I love this objective, and I love to do a extraordinary pose when I cross the tape.

Perhaps, this last 10 days toward Powerman Malaysia 2011, I will catch-up my base fitness level to making sure my psychological at par with 'competing' athletes.

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