Friday, December 2, 2011

The Gift

It is a 'rahmat' (gift) from Allah when I went through this journey of my life currently. After being thrown like a rubbish and flushed like a human waste by my ex-employer after four and half years giving my loyalty and commitment (also plus plus values, contribution, craving employers name inside Malaysia Book of Records, bring money in into employers account-even my employer core business is not making money organization). There are no values to keeping me inside their organization.

Furthermore, there is no last statement or even a word from my ex-employer on my last day of services. What a shame on them especially my superiors. To add some spice into this chapter, I was not getting paid since July till October without any verbal or even black and white notice. But alhamdulillah I got my payment on October after I wrote a letter to the parties in-charge and made a cc to 'very top man' and to minister right before they 'celebrate Hari Raya Holiday last August.

I fulfill my ‘unemployed period’ with an activities that I think impossible to accomplished during my service under my ex-superior who’re lead sporting related department but not support any of my sporting activities especially at national level. WTF. As a result, I accomplish my Suunto Orienteering Technical Course (Asia Pacific Certified as Technical Expertise) and most valuable Level 3 National Outdoor Recreation Leadership Course. These courses surely need a mutual understanding between employer and employee like me. Level 3 National Outdoor Recreation Leadership Course itself require a commitment to complete the course for 14 days. There is no such employer will be allowed their man to 'holiday' (as they thought) nearly half of month. Alhamdulillah finally I was acquired a valuable knowledge as national level outdoor recreation coach and of course can teach & train the courses nation wide.

My chapter as 'loser' ended when I received a phone call by my previous superior which now a notable person nationwide in sports science area. He offered me to throw my commitment & 'under valued' expertise inside his new center of excellence in sports invention and technology. As a loyal ex-wingman for him since I was completing my undergraduate study till I employed by my ex-employer organization under his strong need to put me in, until I called 'loser' by 'them', I accept his offer (but still reluctant at the beginning) and deep inside my heart I was thank him very much. May Allah bless him and his family.

As a bottom line, previous chapter of my life really test my maturity in handling a situation and of course I see the situation as a gift from Allah for selected and have an abilities to accept 'the gift'.

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