Monday, December 19, 2011

Groin Injury Prevention

I just received a question by my friend, who're asked for groin injury and how to reduce it. Sports related injuries is one of the popular injury occur among athletes or the people who're prefer to enjoying a healthy lifestyle with exercise. Lack of the knowledge and social interaction with 'sportsman' among their loop, will let some people did not know how to prevent the injuries before it occur.

You may have had a minor groin problem at one time or another. Most of the time our body movements do not cause problems. It's not surprising that symptoms may develop from everyday wear and tear, overuse, or an injury.
The groin areas are located on each side of the body in the folds where the belly joins the legs. The pubic area lies between the two groin areas.

Groin injuries most commonly occur during:
• Sports or recreational activities, such as badminton, futsal, basketball, football etc.
• Work-related activities.
• Work or projects around the home.
• Motor vehicle accidents.

Groin problems and injuries can cause pain and concern. Most minor problems or injuries will heal on their own. Home treatment is usually all that is needed to relieve symptoms and heal.

Groin injury
An acute injury may occur from a direct blow, a stabbing injury, a fall, or from the leg turned in an abnormal position.Overuse injuries occur when too much stress is placed on an area. This often happens when you overdo an activity or repeat the same activity day after day. Overuse can lead to muscle strains or tears or may cause swelling, such as bursitis .

Other causes of groin problems
Groin pain not caused by an injury to the groin may be coming from other parts of the body. This is called radiating, or referred, pain. Pulled muscles , ligaments , or tendons in the leg may cause symptoms in the groin. It is important to look for other causes of groin pain when you have not had an injury.
An inguinal hernia is a bulge of soft tissue through a weak spot in the abdominal wall in the groin area. See an illustration of an inguinal hernia . An inguinal hernia may need surgical treatment. A sports hernia may affect the same area of the groin in competitive athletes.

Prevent groin injury and strain

Steps to prevent a groin injury or strain may include the following:
• Warm up by stretching the groin muscles before exercising. Stretching can increase your range of motion and reduce stiffness and pain. Stretching is also important during the cool-down phase of exercise when your muscles are warm.
• Increase the intensity and length of exercise gradually. As your fitness level improves, you will be able to do more intense exercise without injury.
• Try to exercise regularly; don't just go all out on weekends.
• Use proper sports techniques and equipment. For example:
o Wear supportive, well-cushioned shoes for running, aerobics, and walking.
o Properly adjust your bicycle seat and handle bars for your height.
• Drink extra water before and during exercise, especially in hot or humid weather. This can help prevent muscle cramps and stiffness.
• Make sure you can always see where you are walking. To avoid falls:
o Use a step stool when reaching for high objects. Do not stand on chairs or other objects.
o Don't climb stairs with both hands full.
• Get help carrying heavy or awkward objects. Do not strain to lift or carry objects.

Perhaps with some light reading, people will be more educated about sports related injuries for their own purpose and maybe will share with other people around.


  1. So a lot of people, such as other trainers and coaches, believe the core is just the mid-section, which includes the lower back muscles along with the abdominal muscles. I disagree with this though and believe the core workout involves a significantly larger percentage of the body than just abs and lower back muscles.

  2. This is the best thing all of the sports minded person will consider. Doing some warm ups to prevent unnecessary groin problem.

  3. Groin injuries are very painful and easy to re-injure so this is a great resource, thanks.

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