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Decreasing Metabolism vs Slowing Down Metabolism

I write this post after I was asked by one of my friends from my childhood till teenagers. He asked about how to increase his body weight but at the same time decreasing his metabolism rate. With physiological knowledge at have and from my reading, below I share some opinion how to decreasing metabolism and how to slow down metabolism. It slightly the same but it carry a difference concept when the application phase take part.

Decreasing Metabolism

Though most people attempt to raise their metabolism to stay in top shape, sometimes you might need to decrease your metabolism. You may find yourself in an emergency situation where you need to conserve all the energy you can or you may desperately want to gain weight and don't care if you lose muscle doing it. Here are ways to increase metabolism.

  • Move as little as possible. Exercise of any sort raises your metabolism, even small, nervous gestures. To slow down your metabolism, find things to do that keep you in one place. Also, when you must travel, drive and park as close as possible.
  • Stay away from any muscle-building activities when you move. Muscle burns calories quickly and efficiently, while fat burns fewer calories and so keeps your metabolism lower.
  • Eat less and space your meals further apart. The less you eat and the longer your body needs to wait for food, the more your body decreases its metabolism. The lack of food sends your body the message that food may be difficult to get, so it burns energy more slowly.
  • Keep warm with loose, insulating layers of clothing and a warm environment. Though it doesn't have an especially large effect on metabolism, your body needs to burn more energy when it's cold to generate enough heat to keep your body temperature stable.
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Slow Down Metabolism

Most people know that the effectiveness of their metabolism can have an impact on how well the body burns calories. Few understand, however, how the metabolism really works or what can help to speed it up or slow it down. Answering those questions is no easy feat. Metabolism involves a number of factors and chemical reactions. What works to speed up or slow down one person's metabolism doesn't necessarily work the same way for someone else. But if you want to slow your metabolism, some specific techniques are likely to help.

  • Reduce your exercise level significantly. Activities that lead to muscle development can increase caloric burning by as much as 50 to 75 calories per hour. Less muscle means fewer calories burned.
  • Avoid metabolism-activating foods. Adding spices to food can help jump-start the metabolism, and foods packed with protein are believed to have the same effect. Oriental cultures believe in the medicinal, therapeutic and metabolism-boosting value of green tea. Under these theories, spices, high-protein foods and green tea should be avoided if you want to slow down your metabolism.
  • Eat foods that stall the metabolism. Just as some foods jump-start the metabolism, others slow it. These include foods that are high in carbohydrates, along with fatty foods.
  • Increase caloric intake. The body can't burn them off before the fat is taken in and stored.
  • Eat before bedtime. Those who trying to lose weight avoid this practice for a reason. The body metabolizes food much more slowly when you're sleeping. Therefore, the more intake of food, the less likely it is to be properly burned rather than stored.
  • Decrease sleep. A proper amount of sleep is required for the metabolism to work correctly.
  • Consume caffeine. While some believe that a little bit of caffeine can speed the metabolism, a lot of it can actually have the opposite effect.

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