Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Curriculum for Sports Science in the Making

Glad to announce there will be a new hope for a school athlete who're passed their SPM level. Malaysian Community Colleges will be offering a course in sports science filed in certificate level and diploma level soon. So the 'not too high achiever' during their school time who're love in sports area, will see a new hope to stay in this field after school.

Now is a third day of our curriculum workshop for sports science field, a discussions and collaboration between our higher institution academicians and community college lecturers to produce a curriculum in this field for targeted population. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Sports Innovation and Technology Centre was selected to hosting this workshop since last Thursday till this Sunday. Professor Dr. Abdul Hafidz Omar who're well known name in sports science field nationwide plays a role as the leader. This project shows the continuity of his vision to help student athletes to achieve a graduate status with varieties path of education acquiring processes. Before this Pra-University course that offered in Tunku Mahkota Ismail Sports School was one of his 'artwork' to see more graduates in sports science field in Malaysia.

Perhaps, with the existence of this curriculum will encourage more 'under-achieve' fellas from SPM level to proceed their study in this exiting & challenging field. Thanks to Prof, because he still remember me and offered me a sit to be in his team to make another community contribution together.

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