Monday, November 2, 2009

Road To Powerman 2009: Race Kit Collection and the Memories Remain.

Last Saturday, I and my housemate went to Hotel Armada in Petaling Jaya to collect our race
kit for Powerman Malaysia 2009. When I reached there, I remembered when I was first time came to collect race kit for Powerman 2003 with my brother Moose.

During that time I just 20 years old, just completed my Desaru Triathlon the month before, young and strong but lack of multi-sports racing experiences.

I learnt fast to equip myself with essential fitness and tactical that most of elite triathlete or duathlete have. After two or three races in duathlon I was placed myself at the front of bunch of racers. Still continuing my tempo until year 2005.

Year 2006-2007 is the most frustrating performance I recorded. Maybe lack of racing participation and the transformation of period of my life. From full time athlete to working full time.

the race kit collection situation in Armada Hotel, PJ

"I amazed with your loyalty for Powerman race," said Melody Tan, Powerman 2009 Race Director to me last Saturday.
"Yes, I will continue to show my loyalty and support for duathlon races in Malaysia." I'm replied.

This year is my 7th consecutives Powerman race. As the time closer to 8th Nov 2009, my endorphin level increasing day by the as the day cruising to the road of Powerman 2009.

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