Thursday, November 5, 2009

Road to Powerman 2009: Me as Domestique Racer is Back!

Domestique rider are the term used by cycling meanwhile is running we use the term pacer. This unique role appointed by the team or person to set the tempo or pace for them/he/she. The pacer will racing side by side or in cycling they allowed their team captain to draft and gain a benefit to save of the team captain energy for his next action like sprinting or climbing.

The pacer will participate in the race but he/she will sacrifice their participation in the race to gain better result for the person appointed him/her to be the pacer.

This Sunday in Powerman Malaysia 2009, I appointed by one of the female duathlete to be her pacer (I prefer to use domestique because not many triathlete/duathlete know the term). She was a two times women’s open category champion in Malakoff University Duathlon Series last July. In this year Powerman (her 3rd long distance attempt), she have a mission to beat the time she clocked last two Powerman.

as domestique during MUDS 2008

I agreed because this year Powerman, I don't have any mission like before (such as running with the pro's bunch, finish as fast as I can, beat somebody etc). My mission this year only to complete the race before cut-off time. I was lack of physically prepared, decreasing of valuable time for training and I'm 'in exam, presentation, final assignment mode' right now. Even next Monday the day after Powerman, I need to presenting my project I've done this semester. So I'm agreeing to be DOMESTIQUE RACER!

During MUDS 2008, I was a domestique for her to claim second overall for women’s university category. What I found was to be domestique racer is fun, relaxing, and enjoyable. It is because I don't need to use all my effort to coupe a women pace, easy going (but not she!) and set an appropriate tempo and strategies during the race.

Back in 2002-2004, when I was in the cycling team from the South, I was a valuable domestique riders for any team I was ride. I trained by my coach (ex-national cycling star in 1980's) because he saw my potential and abilities to be great domestique riders. Also I can command and can strategize the team during the race.

my team star, Moose sprinting to the finish line after I pull-off the sprinters train

So, this Sunday, maybe the photographers will capture our pictures and I will give a best pose that I can. Haha!

Finally, it is an honor for me when somebody appointed me to be his/her domestique/pacer for his/her race/s. I will always give my best to meet the objective/s.

p/s: domestique riders is the guy who re ride with honor and no people realize the existance of this machine

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