Thursday, November 26, 2009

Life Update Nov

There were no ideas to writing during this time period, especially regarding myself or my routine. But I hit the keyboard just now to updating latest news happen in my life.

Last two weeks I just was completing my first year at UPM. This semester I wrote three journal articles. One has been asked to presenting at the conference this December, I topic has been invited to contribute in one chapter of the book, and one topic was a new finding for that area. That was an academic thing that haunted me for last four months.

Tired after an academic season but not tired after 4:16:40 Powerman 2009

After busy with that academic things, it is time for me to take a challenge for Powerman Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, I was completed my 7th consecutives Powerman Malaysia without any suffer and trouble! (See Road to Powerman 2009). Then as a part of The Race Boy (, I manage to give a hand for 3 major jobs during this month. Firstly for Cyfora King of the Mountain (Kuala Kubu Baharu to Frasers Hill) road race, secondly Tourism Malaysia Frasers Hill Race, and planning a Sunday Super Crit for this 6th Dec. There were a lot of expertise and physical challenge for me, and I love it even I don't know how much I will get the pay. But I quite happy when attending a lecture and test for timing and result course conducted by UCI International Commissaire last Sunday.

The Race Boy

This week is my week for cool down, have an adequate rest before Aidiladha in JB. Saturday morning need to sleep outside for a week because I will travel to Sabah. I will hiking at Mount Kinabalu, have fun during white water rafting, enjoying natural beauty of tropical rainforest, and see my best friend at Kota Kinabalu.

Just a simple update for my November, as we stepping to enter the last month of 2009, December!

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