Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Road to Powerman 2009: Four Achievements in a Single Race

What a wonderful day I have last Sunday in Powerman Malaysia 2009 in Seri Manjung, Perak, Malaysia. The day that too hot for most of racers, the day that a massive number of participants raced this year, the day I craved four achievements in a single race.

As planned before, I only set my goals in these two things:
  • completing my race without dehydration, heat cramp and suffering
  • as a domestique racer for one of the female racers who was suffered from injury just three days before the race.

So during my first run, as usual I tried to stay at the pro's pack at the front. Two kilometer in eight minutes. What an incredible pace! After passing first water station, I manage to stop for waiting my girl at the back. I waving to my friends who're asked me why I'm stop there..after 5 minutes, then I start ran side by side with her, and tell the positive things (in sport psychology we call positive self talk, stress and energy management) until we together completed the first 11km run. We didn't skip any water station to have an adequate water intake for replaced our sweat loss. I counts I consumed almost 1 liter water during 11km run. It was good sign not to be dehydrated during bike leg.

domestique racer can cheer at every cameramen

pedal hard, stay hydrated

After I got confident with her condition (physiologically and psychologically), I manage to hit the big crank after 3km ride. So my journey as racer was beginning. I rode around 34-39 kmh for the first 32 km loop. I passed so many people (the things that I rarely did during the race) because I started very fast from the back of the race. I choose the middle of the road to comfortably hit the 52-21/19 crank at 90rpm.

I hydrated my body according to the needs (1.5L after 64 km ride, included my first bottle of vanilla Coke) and consume 2 sachet of PowerBar Gels (total 240 kcal). But during the second loop, my body feel to slow down and I told my body to slow down, rode at 31-33kmh with no muscles cramp or uncomfortable. Surprisingly, I still passed by so many racers included one 'peloton' (this race is draft illegal race, dude!). They only can look at my back and perhaps I was in a relay team, but my 074 race number shown I was in 20-29 years old age category.

I entered transition area with my brother Moose in front of me? I was shocked with simple calculation here:
Moose ran in front of me and started cycling in front of me (maybe 10-15 minute ahead)
I was ran a domestique racer and finish cycling together with Moose
So as the conclusion, you can make your own.

I ran together with Moose for first 4km run, and I decided to ran at my own pace because my leg feel good and if I stayed with Moose pace, I also will got injured and have a difficulties. So I ran at my very comfortable pace and breathing properly. I consumed almost 1.5 liter of water for my 10km run (also have a mineral water shower and hold a bottle of water for sipped along my way).

with Jalur Gemilang for my 7th Powerman

better than previous year time

I ran towards the finishing arch with Jalur Gemilang (Malaysian Flag) waving across my body (I brought it along my last run!), and heard race MC, Adele Cheah said "He completing his 7th consecutive times for Powerman Malaysia this year!". I clocked 14 minutes faster than my last year finishing time. I received my finisher medal, towel, water, finisher t-shirt and one cycling magazine photographer asked me to give a several pose with Jalur Gemilang for his picture.

SO what are the four achievements? Here it is:
  • I raced as domestique racer for first 11km run
  • I completed the race without any injuries and dehydrated
  • I finished faster than last year official timing
  • I beat Moose cycling leg time! Sorry bro, I only used under RM5k brilliantly setting road bike.

Post race activities

Powerman Malaysia 2009 was a great event that I never and will never miss to competing in the future! Congratulations to all finishers, and perhaps I love to see the relay and sprint categories guys will compete in full distance next year in Powerman Malaysia 2010.


  1. Syabas syabas... well done n congrats!
    So, 8th time participating for next year?

  2. Congrate and good job brother. Kirim salam kat Hafis Wong dan Shahrom. Anda boleh!