Sunday, November 25, 2012

Malakoff UTM Eco Run 2012 Report & Kakithon Gathering

This is my first race for Malakoff UTM Eco Run 2012. This is my territory and Alhamdulillah I won third placing in University Staff Category 15km race. The route was around UTM Johor Bahru Campus and the highest point is Balai Cerapan UTM the famous route for UTM students exercise/walking/running in the evening.

As everybody informed, Kakithon make this event as a gathering. Ong and his girlfriend came along from Genting Highlands, Chan from Singapore, Li Ting from Malacca, Ida from Negeri Sembilan, Lim & his girlfriend and Jiha & me just from JB. The faces that I missed so much plus the atmosphere we created when we met.

The goodies (not in a 'green bag' but in plastic), not friendly to environment and also the participants. The t-shirt (no brand), running number (only one!) voucher, or no whatever..

Jiha & Fieda after the race..

Post race: Gan Chau & Tareef (the last Kakithoners still in 'school')

KAKITHON most popular trademark pose..


Chit Chat while waiting prize giving ceremony

Chit-chat, munch-munch session

Gan Chau won University Students Category, Tareef at 5th place

University Staff Category: I was a second runner up! Grab the bronze medal & RM400
Hahhahahah..Bronze Color Medal and the voucher to redeem the cash immediately

Womens Open Category (20km), Li Ting 3rd place, Jiha 4th place, Ida 5th place

Lunch Gathering at Domino's Pizza

'Big Feast' (Makan Besar!!)

As a bottom line:
  • Malakoff UTM Eco Run 2012 was lack of promotion among runners community.
  • Runners community decided to ran at JB 10km Run event at the same day. The other race attract more sponsors & interesting goodies. Plus more placing to grab some cash money.
  • Kakithoners gathering really make the day alive! Everybody satisfied with their cash money, the rest doesn't won the cash, they already in top 10 places. If in other races, top 10 placing usually have cash money.
  • But money can't buy the relationship among us, the joy and the time we spent together.
  • Is there any Malakoff UTM Eco Run 2013??

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  1. I love Li ting, she is the best ....^_^