Monday, October 29, 2012

Road to Powerman 2012: Last Weekend Training Regime Towards the D-Day

As Powerman Asian Championship will be on this weekend, I surely did a 'not too ass kicking' training this year due to regime changed in Libya and a numbers of countries in Arab region.

Last weekend after Aidil Adha, I only completed half distance (race distance is 11.4km-64km-11.4km) duathlon on Saturday and an hour run on Sunday under high humidity, clear blue sky and sunshine. It was more to psychological challenge instead of physical torture.

I satisfied with my performance during the weekend and can perform well. Plus after the training, the well nutritious meal has been consumed as a replenishment. Surely refresh my muscles and I was able to window shopping (and shopping also) till the night at numbers of malls.

As a bottom line, this year 'very the last weekend training' seems pretty good compared last year preparation. But I need to bare in mind, Putrajaya will be the hottest Powerman race on the planet!

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