Monday, October 8, 2012

Be a Champion Again


It was a very long time I won't be a champion since I was in my first degree study. But last 6 October 2012, again I was a champion. I won 10km night run for staff category in my organization which I work now.

It takes less than an hour to cross finish line and I'm RM200 richer after received a cash money from the organizer. I ran with one student and followed his pace. At the mid of distance, I managed to pacing him and secured him a sixth place to won a medal.

My race number & tag line!

'working' for an hour at RM200

With Kakithon who clear sweep the highest price money at different categories

As a bottom line, winning or now was not my primary target on that night. I entered the race just to test my endurance capacity to endure my cardio & muscles for a distance more than 10km. Finally, I survived with a couple hundred of RM inside my pocket!

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