Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Team Kakithon presented by Mentor Training



Within a week I already confirmed myself registering in three major adventure races in Malaysia. First was a Perak-Columbia Ironbound Challenge 2012 in July, second was International Kinabalu Climbathon in October 2012 and the latest was Putrajaya Urban Adventure Challenge 2012 (PUAC 2012) this weekend.

our action during Malakoff University Duathlon Series 2012

Team Kakithon by Mentor Training

Interestingly, Mentor Training was a main sponsor for my team and Jiha as my teammate, for PUAC 2012 and Ironbound. That was a great opportunity for ourselves to perform and advertise company brand through adventure race scenes. We also glad to took an opportunity to bring Kakithon name to the main stream of adventure race. Thus, we found Team Kakithon by Mentor Training was suit best for our team.

Jiha and myself started race in adventure race scene for the first time was in 2009, which we compete in JB City Eco-Challenge in separate teams & categories. During that event, the competitors need to running, kayaking, mountain biking and tackling obstacles course. As a result both of us only a step to won the prize money offered by the organizer.

Team Kakithon by Mentor Training will race their inaugural adventure race on this Sunday in green and a capital of Malaysia, Putrajaya. Perhaps our team will perform well and can show the carried brands to the rest of adventure seekers.

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