Monday, May 14, 2012

Fitness Adventure Challenge @ Mount Ledang 2012

It was an adventurous weekend I have together with my Fitness Class students. The program named Fitness Adventure Challenge @ Mount Ledang really tested the participants to the limit of their physical fitness, mental toughness & social interaction. The program just lasted only 39 hours after the kick start at UTM with 28 participants plus me as a coach.

We started to hike from the headquarters after guide's briefing at 2:30 pm and arrived at Kolam Gajah Campsite at 5:30 pm, two hours of 650m climb from the Gunung Ledang Lagenda Resort. We cooked dinners & rest at night to prepare the body for early morning hiking in the darkness to the summit of Ledang for sunrise watching.

At 2:30 am, the team started hiking in darkness and cold morning at 650m altitude. The challenges were really tough, we need to climb a steep inclination average at 65 degree climbing a rope on the steep rock face and climbing the stairs for tackling the cliff.

A cup of tea & kebab as celebration at the top of the Mount Ledang Summit

At 6:30 am, the team already at the summit of Mount Ledang (1276m) and celebrate their victory in conquering the challenges they met before. The low temperature and high wind really tested their physical ability to stand on the summit. The team took a rest & breakfast at the summit while waiting for our last person arrived.

After two hours rest in the clouds & coldness at the summit, at 8:30 am we hike down back to the Kolam Gajah Campsite. We descent to campsite via different route as we climbed to the summitand reached there before 11 am. Then, it was a rest at waterfall and cooking time for lunch. I take my bath and sunbath on the rock surface before give the girls a helping hand to fry 'ikan masin' and 'papadom'.

At 3:20 pm, we hiked down to headquarters and arrived at 5pm. Later we need to declared all the stuff we brought down must meet the quantity as we brought it up a day before. I love this practise because it teach the community especially Malaysian about consevation and responsibilities to the natures.

Finally at 10pm we already did our 'final examination' for this semester Fitness Co-Curricular activity within 39 hours. Congratulation to all my students & all participants because you guys already conquered the sixth most difficult summit to climb in Malaysia!

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