Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MUDS 2012: The Flying Start

Malakoff University Duathlon Series 2012 (MUDS 2012) kick started on 12 May 2012 in Universiti Malaya. There were sunny day and heated with more than 500 participants in this year first leg.

Kakithon Multisports Club this year sponsored by Malakoff Corporation Berhad. This great opportunity dealt since late March 2012 when Malakoff asked Advisor of Kakithon, Mr Blackopoulos in searching the new talents and growing the number of participants from southern region higher learning institute. The first solution was organizing a Malakoff-UTM Duathlon Clinic which was be held on 28 April 2012 in UTM Sports Innovation & Technology Centre.

As a result from the duathlon clinic organized, there were a number of new talents rose to compete in MUDS 2012 this year. Plus, they competed in full duathlon at their first attempt!

This year objectives were not to be on the top of the podium for Kakithoners, because of series number of injuries among our top athletes. They injured themselves after following 'irresponsible' their 'trainer' program for MASUM Athletic Meet in early April. Poor to them.

Jiha, is another icon, top female athlete and legendary MUDS Women's University categories contender proved again that the age was not a hindrance to perform well in Women's Open Category in this first leg. She won the title and claim top of the podium as her kick start race season this year.

Lau Siew Kong and Syamsul Bahtiar both of them were the first timer did full distance. The 'veteran' Lim Kar Sing, just recovered from injury Wong Chin Chun and Amirul Ali who rode in Jelajah Malaysia 2011, competed in Men's University Category. While 'cannot run yet injured' Gan Shih Chau team up together with  Tiang Siew Ping & Afiq Jaafar were the first timer in duathlon relay race.

Jiha at the top of podium for Women's Open Category

Wong (in red) won 5th place for Men's University Category

The result, Wong Chin Chun stole 300 points from Men's University Category, Lau Siew Kong is a minute away to be on the top five ranking, Syamsul Bahtiar & Amirul managed to be on top 20 for Men's University Category. Our mixed relay team still the strongest among others university competed except five UPNM teams. 

As a bottom line, Kakithoner trip to the opening MUDS 2012 really different from previous four years. With a sponsorship, Kakithoners grew their number of competitors, grew the interest among newbies and the most important is contribute to rising the number of MUDS participants.

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