Thursday, May 31, 2012

MUDS 2012: The Finale & Appearance of Kakithon Logo

It was the clear blue sky and hot sunny day. The finale of Malakoff University Duathlon Series 2012 (MUDS 2012) has been held in Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM) on Saturday 26 May 2012. Again Kakithoners need to travel at night from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur. We overnight at one hostel in Puncak Setiawangsa and had a good rest on the mattress and pillow. Before that, Kakithon banner already printed after Gan Chau sent the design less than 24 hours before. 'The Banner' displays memorable moments of Kakithoners from the beginning, Kakithon logo (that nice green leaves formed the foot) and Malakoff logo as our main feeder to make sure we had a transport & bed for all MUDS 2012 races.

me with a fresh printed banner and my dinner for tomorrow race

 Kakithoners enjoying 'Bontotherapy' - new therapy in the country!

 Foot Therapy and the Kakithoners inside the bus! We need more people in this bus next year.

We arrived early at UPNM which is located inside Sungai Besi Army Camp. We don't need to check in at the main gate, thanks to the A4 size team logo and race logo printed & patched in front of the bus. After that we do some self preparation: race kit collection & of course pose for photography!

As a finale, the 3km run, 13.8km and final 3km run seems not to far but feel far away from the finish line when the sunshine & the breeze trying to slowdown the competitors. Jiha and I as usual ran and bike together until finish line while I'm busy to paced her, watching other competitor for her and making sure she finished top five to received a medal. 

 The Banner and pre race pose

 the timing chip provided for selected contender

 pre race activities, posing & aerobic exercise

 start line action

 transition and towards to finish line 

As a result, Wong got 7th place in Men's University Category, Jiha still on the podium last place (5th, Women's Open Category) and Afiedah shocking us when she finished fifth place for Women's University Category. While Syamsul Bahtiar and me play a role as pacer for the ladies. Finally Kakithoners maintain two medals streak for each race during MUDS 2012- the result that no others university can maintain this year MUDS (except UPNM). Congratulation to UPNM for showing a solid performance for entire MUDS 2012 and still dominate both Best University Award and Top University Award.

KAKITHONERS and the logo on the banner!

We survived MUDS 2012

 Jiha got 5th for Women's Open Category, while newcomer Afiedah stole 5th place in Women's University and 'kacau' UPNM domination in that category

UPNM Duathlon Team for MUDS 2012

Team Kakithon for MUDS 2012 together with Aini Zakaria, Malakoff Officer (blue shirt)

Post-race meal

Post-race activity and bye-bye MUDS 2012!!

As a bottom line, this year MUDS was a great opportunity for new guys in Team Kakithon to learnt from a challenges, the races, the experiences and the memory racing as a independent entity in the real racing world. I already threw my best from organizing Malakoff-UTM Duathlon Clinic in searching new talents, managing team transportation & accommodation for all three series, lend my mountain bike to newbies for their races, played a role as a trainer, motivator and pacer until being a photographer and reporter (when writing this blog post) for the sake of self satisfaction & Team Kakithon name. Perhaps, in near future Team Kakithon will always appear in multi-sport race in this country even we race either as a contender or finisher.

Thanks Quick Release Adventure for organizing the MUDS,
Thanks Malakoff in supporting Team Kakithon for MUDS 2012,
Thanks Kakithoners for your commitment for entire MUDS 2012.
Wishing everyone all the best and RACE WITH YOUR HEART!

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