Friday, December 31, 2010

The World's End is Closer

The year 2010 will faded and filed as history, a new file and chapters of 2011 will be opening. Many of challenging situation happen personally to me. A few of achievement drew a rainbow on my 2010 wall.

As little Khalifah, I need to be more patient, focus and 'redha' all the circumstances and difficulties slowed my pace to achieve personal needs and objectives. This situations, made me more strong and matured. A sweetness seems not as sweet as a honey I licked. I need to looking another alternatives and thrives to get more sweetness in my life.

The year of 2010 bring a lot of lessons from bad situations happens to me, perhaps 2011 will bring me to the achievements and taking me closer to the objectives. "Setiap yang berlaku pasti ada hikmah daripada Nya, kita perlu redha, bertawakkal dan yakin akan ganjaran yang bakal diterima. Cuma masa yang tidak diketahui oleh Khalifah kerdil Nya ini.."

May 2011 better than my 2010..

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