Friday, December 31, 2010

Road to Powerman 2010: Being Faster Each Year

Last Powerman Malaysia 2010, in Seri Manjung, Perak, sent another message to me that I'm back to racing faster each year. Last year in Powerman Malaysia 2009, I was improved nearly 15 minute from previous year Powerman 2008 finishing time. But this year, I was shaved about 17 minutes from last year time.

It was a cold and rainy day in early morning. The pace is so fast but as usual I worked as Jiha's domestique for her first 11km run. After entered T1, I jump on the saddle and start hitting a big crank at 85rpm but managed to control my legs muscles from getting a cramp or stiff. My objective was simple just to keep my legs as fresh a possible. I was also well hydrated on the bike, plus just two sachets of sport gels to top up my fuel.

When entered T2, the sun already shining and thanks to the organizer for adding an extra water station with ice cube! I love the ice cube, and they were always being slipped into my short to prevent my hamstrings and quadriceps from got a cramp and fatigue. I never missed all the water station for refreshment.

I was passed Ethan Chan of UTM Kakithon, after 50km on the bike and entered T2 in front of him, but I was played save not to follow his pace during first 3km run of 10km running leg. I passed Jiha after 6km run while she just started her last running leg. But I can't saw Faraied who're so strong for this year after got an ample time for his to train.

Finally I saw a clock showed a couples of minutes to enter 4 hours of racing. So I open my stride and finish at 3:58:08 and as 8th time Powerman Malaysia Finisher! As far as I'm concerned, I'm also brought eight (or more) Powerman Finishers since year 2004 from friends of mine in UTM.

After three years got a job, finally I can raced Powerman distance sub four hours. Next year another mission for me to shave another 15 minutes from my 3:58:08 clocked this year!

Train wisely and be master of my own time..

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