Monday, January 3, 2011

Misbun Resign!

Misbun resigned as coach of the national men's singles starts on January 3rd, 2011. His decision shocked the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) and even invite a few national players withdrew from the BAM. This includes world number one, Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

Misbun resignation not seen as timely as Chong Wei and some other players are in preparation for three major competitions this month.

Three matches were the Super Series Masters Finals in Taiwan (5-9 January), the Malaysian Open (January 18 to 23) and Korean Open (January 25 to 29).

There were a few possible complicating effects, especially involving Chong Wei as a player was targeted chart success in the World Championships this year in addition to the Olympic Games in London next year.

BAM general manager, Kenny Goh said, Misbun resigned yesterday confirmed through a letter dated Dec. 31st that sent via the e-mail to the office of the BAM.

However, Kenny declined to comment on the reasons for doing so Misbun.

"Misbun not give any reason but expressed his resignation is effective from January 3. Personally, I was surprised to receive the letter."

"I have informed the matter to the President Datuk Seri Nadzmi (Mohd Salleh), and secretary, Ng Chin Chai. I also sent the letter to all committee members of BAM, " said Kenny.

According to him, a meeting will be held after returning from overseas Nadzmi on January 4.

"It's too early for us to comment on the reasons for resigning Misbun. We are still surprised," he said.

It's no longer a secret Misbun was not happy following the dismantling of the structures created by the BAM coaching and training since five months ago. In an effort to strengthen the structure, BAM Misbun put under the operations of special forces brother, Rashid.

Adding more disappointment, two players who previously under the operation of his Misbun Ramdan and Wong Mew Choo has been separated from it.

Ramdan placed under the care Hendrawan the squad while Mew Choo managed a national coach of the women's singles, Wong Tat Meng. Ramdan, however, has not been reported to Hendrawan for training. She trained hard under their father and the disappointment BAM.

In addition, assistant coach Misbun, The Seu Bock also dropped. After an appeal is made by Misbun and Chong Wei, Seu Bock again served in the elite squad. In fact, Seu Bock will accompany Chong Wei to Taiwan to participate in the Super Series Masters Finals today.

Misbun also depressed due to the lackluster performance of several players lining. They were Liew Daren, Tan Chun Seang, Kwong Beng Chang and Chong Wei Feng.

The case is discussed during the training and advisory committee meetings on Thursday.

Kenny, however, skeptical Misbun action is to resign due to meeting the other day.

"It's like most other ordinary meetings. We talked about all the coaches report. All coaches attend unless Rexy Mainaky (doubles coach). It was a good meeting, " said Kenny.

Asked about whether the decision would be pushed Misbun other players to pull out, Kenny says, "Misbun is a professional coach. He had been considering his decision, and always place the interests of the country. I do not think it will happen."

"We can not say Misbun resignation is a big loss because we still have not received a decision. Let Nadzmi and other committee members to study it first, " he said.

Under the guidance of Misbun, men's singles player Mohd Hafiz Hashim won the All-England in 2003 and Chong Wei won the same is to-100 edition last year.

Chong Wei also won a silver medal at the Olympics in Beijing in 2008.

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