Monday, October 25, 2010

Road to Powerman 2010: Rising a Temperature

After an upper body injuries involved my deltoid, lattissimus dorsi & trapezius last Thursday, I manage to appeared in faculty to attend Friday morning department's colloquium. Later that evening another series (Part 2) of our department latest research was conducted and also involved me and Kakithoners (

Saturday morning, Kakithoners make a public appearance in supported a social event Run for Your Heart organized by MARC KTHO UTM, MPJBT, and many more NGO's. The run only 2.5km included hill climb and U-Turn to the finish line. Nearly 700 participants took the responsible to donate their fee to the fund. Afternoon, another workout for both of us (me & my gf) hitted hilly intervals for an hour under noon sunshine (?).

Sunday LSD, I, my gf and Ong rode to Nusajaya and had a fun hitting a big crank and felt the minor differentiation of each aero position we put on. Ong also wore his very first tri top. On the way back, we chatted until reach UTM.

Monday, another series of my department research and I need to ran 2.4km at 177-183 bpm. I realized that my age and my training commitment can't beat the wall 10:00 min. I need more time for training plus higher objective to achive. So that I can train like before, the time that I missed until now.

I need to set my objective for my next Powerman Malaysia, especially in the leg that I love to perform, non-drafting cycling. To those are interested or planned to drafting in the Powerman race, YOU'RE SUCKS!


  1. bila korang nak blajar swim betul2 ni, mari la.

  2. yeah hopefully one day bole katam swimming..;)

  3. jiha memang malas nak belajar swim