Monday, October 18, 2010

Road to Powerman 2010: Breaking the Iceberg

It was tough and heavy when I tried to hit the road under hazy weather to complete my first LSD ride after more than two months. I remember the last time I ride my bike seriously for competitive & training purposes was third series of MUDS in UPM last August.

My last Sunday was a great outing for me and my gf. Woke early in the morning and watch pouring rain with frustration in mind. My plan of the day: morning-LSD ride, afternoon: instructing kayak session, evening: have a nice dinner outing together with my gf.

She accompanied me since the morning till the night, and our kick start of the day with Malaysian style breakfast- roti canai with teh tarik. What a healthy food we consume.

After sunshine, we rode to Kota Iskandar in Nusajaya with very steady pace. I set the tempo all the way, and of course I thought my gf about a technique to be mastered by her. After one and half hour ride, we reach Kota Iskandar and stop at Puteri Harbour. During the ride, we had a discussion about the prospect of organizing a duathlon/triathlon race there. The road, the scenery, the facilities and the intention of local authorities to promote this place to the world were included in our discussion on the bike.

Another one and half hour ride back to UTM-the location we start, feel so fast. But I'm not happy with my left quadriceps muscle, it was turn fatigue and uncomfortable.

Afternoon we have another 'healthy' food by KFC, but we take away and enjoyed our lunch beside the lake, the place I'm waited for kayak session on the afternoon.

Kayak session instructed by me and helped with my assistant and as usual, I once again love to manage 'rafting' and 'walking from kayak to another kayak'. A great experience that everybody should have.

My gf spent her evening (after kayak session) with hill run while I went to barber to have a haircut. Once again after two years, we spent our sunset moment at the top of the roof of Balai Cerapan, the highest point in UTM together with my first year student there (with a goreng pisang and karipap).

We decided to have steamboat and grill buffet dinner after my gf frustration not got her nice soup because the place was closed. We spent almost two and half hour there to replenish and to storing as many as calories into our bodies. What a huge portion of seafood, meat and carbo we had and still have an extra room to put inside our XXL tank.

my first finisher t-shirt

Breaking the iceberg is harder that to break the ice. There are 90% of hidden iceberg we can't see from the surface. We did the all day outing to discover and to saw another part of ourself after not seriously training for more than two months. Towards Powerman Malaysia 2010, another 90% will revealed and I will be ready to be an 8th Powerman finisher!

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