Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Road to Powerman 2010: Floating a Motivation

October 2010, the month that I can't easily forget in my chapter of life..

"Tak sanggup lagi aku
mengenang kisah lalu,
keganasan menghantui diriku,
biarkan ia pergi,
menjadi suatu misteri,
bagaikan tiada hati yang peduli,
tidak mahuku ingat lagi,
apa yang telah terjadi,
Tragedi Oktober"

Tragedi Oktober lyric by Awie

Many of the decision, the dateline, the progress and many more to catch & fetch were not align and always against my planning, my schedule and my vision. But only words that I can say right now is "my life such as the egg at the tip of bull's horn" .

One of the decision set by my employer actually disturbed my work motivation, slowed my progress in writing my thesis and it was so hard to chews. But either I like or vice versa, I must admit it to save my carrier. Ultimatum seems around the corner, and I can feel MrUltimatum is hover around me, waiting a suitable time to kill me with his missile.

I'm really hope with a new commitment I set for Powerman Malaysia 2010, at least it can divert my emotional and my intention from all those things to be more focus on my training. Physical activity and physically torture seems always works for me, and makes me more stronger mentally and of course increase my physical abilities.

Powerman Malaysia 2010 should be the day that I can free from the invasion of MrUltimatum.

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