Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Life at This Time Period

Nearly one week didn't updating my blog post. Busy time was calling me from did this addicted routine. Here I'm just updating some of my life story within after Raya period.

I switched my training ground from Klang Valley (Putrajaya & Serdang) to Johor Bahru for high mileage cycling training designed for me. It was essential for me to regain my cycling endurance and to ride high mileage.
during the class

My master class was only on Monday and Tuesday. But for each class, I need to submit a series of assignment and articles writing, completed a series of test, presentations in a row and class discussion during each classes. I suit and fitted myself with an extra knowledge and 'weapon' to show in the class.

my ride

As conclusion, I travel JB to KL on Monday morning and attend a class in the afternoon. Then travel back from KL to JB on Wednesday morning after have a good night sleep, got recovered after 3pm to 9pm ultra endurance class. Suddenly I found that my mileage on my ride (motorbike) was higher than my ride on bicycle. I wondering if my cycling mileage can at par with my motor riding mileage..

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