Thursday, October 22, 2009

Developing the Need of an Arousal Factor

This title is not "need to develop arousal factor".

In sport psychology arousal means, physiological activation of the body and the interpretation of that activation that collectively prepare performers for competitive situations (Burton & Raedeke, 2008).

Developing term I use here to discuss about Developing New Talents or New Athlete in certain sport, here I mean duathlon, running and cycling.

From the last UTM Duathlon Challenge on 10 Oct 2009, in UTM Skudai, one of the main objective is to search a new talent. Secondary objective is to perform outstandingly in MUDS 2010 (Duathlon race series for University students).

UTM Duathlon Challenge 2009

What is the main method to search new talents?
Kakithon UTM and Unit Sukan UTM, have organized an inaugural UTM Duathlon Challenge. Only new faces for duathlon can enter this race, all familiar faces, I banned them from participating in the race and forced them to be an organizer (another new things that they can learn instead racing at all time).

Why to search new talents for MUDS 2010 race?
UTM already won consecutively overall Men's Best Duathlete of the Year since 2008 (Ong Wei Xiang) and 2009 (Muhammad Nazri). Plus, UTM won 2nd place for Best University Award in 2008 and grab this award as champion in 2009. UTM won 2nd overall Women's Best Duathlete of the Year in 2008 (Nazihah Abdul Ghani) and still on the podium at 3rd spot in 2009 (Nurhidayah Mohd Nasir).
So from above achievement in MUDS races, what do you expect and what the Boss being expected? Plus the guys in the team getting older day after day, and will be graduated!

To be like this, must do like this and this and this...

When to develop these new talents?

I said to Mr Ainul, one of the Unit Sukan UTM officer after UTM won MUDS 2009 awards, "we must start now within this year to develop our program or you don't expected too much from us (the team)."
So that's why UTM Duathlon Challenge has been organized.

How to develop these new talents?
After that we (the team) has a plenty of time to sharpen our talents, by providing them with a proper and suitable training regiment and send them to a races toward MUDS 2010. I already have a mechanism and the regime to train them and to suit them with the best effort that I and the regime can.

post training 'lecture'

Who are responsible to develop the need of an arousal factor among new talents?

Me, my regimes, the team (Kakithon), Unit Sukan UTM, are responsible to this task. We formed our strength to create a development program within our knowledge, expertise, experience and supporters. We start earlier to making sure that the new athlete will maturing day by day toward the race season next year especially MUDS 2010!

Now, we all aroused to race in year 2010!!!

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