Saturday, October 3, 2009

An Email from Korean Reporter

Below was an email that I received from one of the my blog reader/hopper..

"Dear sir.

My name is Seo kyu won, a reporter who base in malaysia Kuala lumpur for korea broadcasting system(KBS)

I read your blog about sepak takraw ,

I have a plan to make a report about sepak takraw's younger player who want a be a champion in his dream.

can you introduce to me some youth team or teen player ?

I will make a people's documentary about dream chaser.

my tv staff(cameraman & PD) will come to malaysia around 5th to 14th.

is it any game on during my staff visit?

You can contact me at 012-320-6527(base in KL)

please help me.

best regards

seo kyu won


So what do you think??

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