Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ergogenic Aids

Haha..today another series of 6 episode of Physiology in Sports and Exercise test. So after reading the articles in journal and books, here are something that I love to share to those are 'kemaruk' to be strong instantly..

the topic is ERGOGENIC AIDS, enjoy!

With better dope testing methods and hence the possibilities of detection and life ban from the sport, athletes and coaches are looking for legal ways to improve performance and/or hasten recovery. The various ways by which performance can be improved are known as Ergogenic Aids.

Ergogenic Aids may:

* directly influence the physiological capacity of a particular body system thereby improving performance
* remove psychological constraints which impact performance
* increase the speed of recovery from training and competition

Ergogenic aids fall into the following categories:

* Mechanical Aids
o Altitude Training
o Aqua (water) Training
o Heart Rate Monitors
o Computers - analyse VO2 max, technique, test results etc.
o Video recorders - analyse technique
o Tyre towing - develop strength
o Weights - develop strength
o Hypoxic Tents
o Nasal Strips
o Parachutes - develop strength
o Elastic cord (pulling)- develop speed
o Elastic cord (restraining) - develop strength
o Downhill running (3° to 5° slope) - develop speed
o Uphill running (5° to 10° slope) - develop strength
o Treadmills
o Weighted vests (5% to 8% of body weight) - develop strength
o Compression garments - limited research exists on the ergogenic qualities for sports-specific exercise, with available research showing mixed results for exercise involving repeated powerful efforts
o Sports clothing, footwear and equipment
o Timing equipment
o Vibration Training

hypoxic tent and chamber..you still can 'training during sleep hours'..

* Pharmacological Aids
o Amphetamine
o Androstenedione
o Anabolic Steroid
o Beta Blocker
o Creatine Monohydrate
o Caffeine
o Choline
o Carnitine
o Chromium
o Clenbuterol
o Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)
o Gamma hydroxybutyric acid - GHB
o Hydroxymethylbutyrate - HMB
o Magnesium
o Phosphatidylserine
o Protein Supplements
o Sodium Bicarbonate
o Vanadyl Sulphate

* Physiological Aids
o Acupuncture
o Blood Doping
o Creatine
o Colostrum
o Herbal Medicines
o Homeopathy
o Human growth hormone
o Physiotherapy
o Sports Massage
o Sauna
o Ultra-violet rays

* Nutritional Aids
o Bicarbonate of Soda
o Carbohydrate Loading
o Caffeine
o Creatine
o Sports Drinks

* Psychological Aids
o Centering
o Cheering
o Hypnosis
o Imagery
o Meditation
o Music
o Psychology
o Relaxation
o T'ai Chi

Banned Ergogenic Aids

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has drawn up a list of banned substances and doping methods that most sports governing bodies have accepted. The use of drugs to enhance performance is considered unfair and it puts the health of the athlete at risk.

The Drug Information Database provides easily accessible and accurate responses to queries about the status in sport of licensed pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medicinal products available in the UK. The status of the substances in this database reflects the current prohibited list of supplements which is available from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Finally, 'tepuk dada tanya selera'. Use your brain to manipulate your wallet and time to be great athlete near the future..


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